Tips Windows XP Jadi Kenceng

Tips XP: Biar Windows Kenceng Larinya Dan Tidak Boros Memory

Jalankan Services.msc (start,run,services.msc)

-Matikan/Sisablekan service-2 berikut ini yang tidak berguna


Application Layer Gateway Service,

Application Management

Automatic Updates

Background Intelligent Transfer


Distributed Link Tracking Client

Distributed Transaction Coordinater

Error Reporting Service

Fast User Switching Compatibility

IMAPI CD-Burning

Indexing Service

IPSEC Services


Net Logon

Net Meeting

Remote Desktop Sharing

Network DDE

Network DDE DSDM

Portable Media Serial Number

Remote Desktop Help Session Manager

Remote Registry

Secondary Logon


SSDP Discovery Service

Telnet Themes

Uninterruptible Power Supply

Universal Plug and Play Device Host

Upload Manager


Wireless Zero Configuration

WMI Performance Adaptor

– Hapus file2 yang berada di c:\windows\prefect (folder jgn dihapus)

2. Pada desktop Double klick pada My Computer > Klick Kanan > Properties > Advance

> Performance > Pilih Adjust Best performance

– Restart dan lihat hasilnya

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